Tuesday, 29 March, 2016

Travelling Window

Strasbourg,France -2015. (Click to enlarge)

Being four years old in Calcutta during the sultry summer and spraying water on matted windows to combat frequent power-cuts with the earthy scent of khas khas. Being twelve in Pune and sitting by the bay window every blistering thursday during scheduled load sheddings. Being nineteen in Delhi and replenishing the air cooler at the window with buckets of water in a tiny pg with three girls crammed in one room. Being twenty-three in Bombay and going through the eternal struggle every evening of whether to leave the window open for the moisture laden wind, and mosquitoes.

Windows are one of my favourite things to photograph, with their transparent, ephemeral quality of letting elements in, almost, but not quite. In rain with droplets dripping off or autumn with leaves patterned on the glass, winter with frost on it or summer with sunshine streaming through making shadowlines - 

Now at twenty-seven, sitting at the window flung wide open to let in strains of summer street music and the barest wisps of wind blowing through, windows again are the only respite in this oppressive heat where there is plenty of electricity but fans are a thing of mystery!
No matter how old you grow or how far you travel somethings never change!