Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

A Nations Collective Conscience vs. Afzal Guru?

The one thing that struck out in all the controversies surrounding Afzal Guru was that in all the cases of violence in our country be it terrorists attacks, state and civil violence in the ‘Red Corridor’, local political parties’ violent ‘activism’, religious and ethnic riots, fundamentalist violence or even the armies protecting our borders.. this is the one act of violence aimed directly at  India’s top political leaders - The true, corrupt, scourge of the nation, whose obliteration is nothing but a boon compared to the thousands of innocent civilians and soldiers that have been killed in the name of various ideologies and false patriotism over the decades instigated by politicians and perpetuated by an elitist media. This may be a simplistic, politically incorrect statement that could be offensive to some. But the populist media and Supreme Court have done no less in structuring the hanging as an appeasement to the ‘collective conscience’. Whose collective conscience? For all the intellectuals who thought India acted so mature in following the law and order process during Ajmal Kasab’s case, what sort of law and order maturity would you ascribe to Afzal Guru’s?