Monday, 4 April, 2011


Here comes the much awaited rant… One joined journalism for 3 primary reasons, no 9-5 job, even if it is 24/7 ,the thrill of running around for stories everyday, the running around was also supposed to be instrumental in becoming thin and sexy and the last ... if a compromise had to be reached and Id get stuck behind the newsdesk in an office instead of the great outdoors, well to put it blankly the news channel salary would make up for it.... All three reasons are null and void, I work a 9 to 9 job, becoming fat in an air conditioned office, which is an incubator for disease, my salary just came, half of its not there. Now I can be flexible, all this would still be fine if I dint have a cleaning job as well. Oh to keep them clean, to keep them well licked and then dry, powdered, patted and comfortable, they should be happy now, they should be sitting comfortably on their FAT POMPOUS ARSES cause I can do no better in keeping them groomed.

What is my job? Precisely that.. not researching stories, not writing, not shooting, not coming up with ideas, not getting trained for absolutely anything but to cater to the needs of fragile, insecure ego’s the size of Antartica.

Go ahead , call Salwa Judum, Halwa... what? Ask me who Shoma Chaudhury is, then go in to anchor and come out yelling at me because you wanted 1 byte cut in three different ways causing confusion and I am the dumbass here. We are a news channel, everyone has degrees in mass communication, writing, talks 19 to the dozen, we have banks of computers, several screens, phonelines and even a loudspeaker for instant communication but I am to read your mind when you give orders.

Abusing is not cool, trying to be Rani Mukherjee in Who Killed Jessica is NOT COOL and if you must abuse the insane amount that all of you do, with all that English you could get a little more creative.

Interned at 6 national news organizations before not one comes close to the utter lack of humanity, warmth or friendliness, the pointless chaos, unnecessary hostility or the social hierarchy calculated in the no. of MONTHS that people have stuck on, not years, no one sticks here for years, no place comes close to the most abusive and collectively delusional people ever. To all of you there... you won't be going to hell, you've created it right here, in that newsroom.