Sunday, 6 June, 2010

Monsoon in a Cage

It takes a metro city to suck out all the fun from photographing monsoons.The light is the best part of the monsoons for photography. All the different colours, diffused glows, shadows, street lights in the rain, fresher brighter greens and gold-purple twilights.
Of course Bombay makes for great human interest photographs, the waves at Marine Drive, sunsets at Worli Seaface with the Worli-Bandra sea link in the backdrop or the crowds at Juhu Chowpatty but that is the second step. The first feel of the monsoons is now: A Sunday evening watching the first showers through the window, the smell of earth replacing the peculiar, all pervasive Bombay smell of 13 million people sweating, the cooler air and the changing light outside. Unfortunately a 4th floor apartment surrounded by towering building offers just slivers of the sky, that too through thick black bars which apparently prevent break-ins through the terrace. sigh... Here were the pictures taken outta the window of the first rain showers in Pune 2 years back. See the contrast. Below is my first attempt with completely manual functions with night nearing. While the outcome is not good it was just excited to capture something approaching the real hues in the sky in extreme low light and fiddling around with various exposures.


Scribblers Inc said...

good stuff in almost zero light...captures the mood iz you now?

Scribblers Inc.

Nomad said...

Merci. Yep used some crazy assed settigs, Im sure there's a better way to do it though.
Im fine now, just more like Sharad Pawar.

salvation_seeker said...

Good pics. You should capture the images of trees or mountains (natural beauty) when the sun has almost set. During that time the ambiance is great.