Sunday, 31 January, 2010


30 crores RGV spends on his film Rann and not a fraction of it could he use to hire a halfway decent cameraman? It’s been an hour since viewing the film, but my head still reels painfully from the after effects of what can only be the work of a 12 year old child’s first attempt with a handycam. Lopped off heads and chins, blurred objects, missing focus, utter lack of awareness about using the zoom and hasty, choppy movements. It's a challenge to find one perfect frame in the 3 hour ordeal.

It is a very Madhur Bhandarkar- esque (read superficial) take on the world of media and politics. The film has the right raw material for an entertainer, except, the script is predictably boring without any sense of a build up and made worse by clichéd unimaginative dialogues. It takes a post 2004 RGV to assembly a wonderful cast and end up with nothing. The female leads are fleshed out in unconvincingly dense roles while the men are stereotype in the portrayal of their characters.

Gul Panag who has previously given a lovely performance in Nagesh Kuknoor’s 'Dor' is wasted in her tiny bubble gum role, as is Rajat Kapoor, who has the same expression throughout the film. Ikhlaq Khan is shockingly not given even one dialogue in spite of him hovering around Paresh Rawal in every scene. Sudeep's character is fun to watch initially but loses it's charm quickly. With his intense looks and crackling voice he might just be dynamite under the guidance of a more skillful director. Rajpal Yadav cannot go wrong in any film with his formula for acting and is hilarious as always, Ritesh Deshmukh gives a better performance in this than any of his prior films but has a bland role. Paresh Rawal is mediocre, again not his fault, with creative dialogues it could have been a more impressive performance as a wily politician .

The biggest waste is Amitabh Bachchan who is used in a way he might be used for a Navratna Tel or Ambhuja Cement ads, i.e. without tapping his true potential. When a meaty chunk of his performance finally does come in the end, the powerful speech is botched up by possibly the worst camerawork in the history of filmmaking. Trying to be artistic the shots are taken through gaps between objects and blurred angles which effectively cut out the expressions on Bachchan's face.

To crown it all the film is set to music that alternates between the Pepsi Youngistan kinda jingles and Ganesh Chathurti prayer chants.It's shocking that Nikhat Kazmi has actually given Rann higher ratings than Ishqiya in her reviews! Someday TOI wills sack her, but we shouldn't hold our breath. At best RGV has diagnosed the fault in current news scenario correctly, but tell us something we didn’t know already!


manash said...

carry on the good work. fuck these shallow bastards of cinema.

salvation_seeker said...

It takes a post 2004 RGV to assembly a wonderful cast and end up with nothing.

I think it should be assemble not assembly. You have kept up your writings & photograpy well. All the best.