Sunday, 27 September, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss: ( April 2006)

The dyed lock of hair twisted around the gigantic nose ring is the symbol of a married woman in this tiny village in the interiors of Kutch,India. Cut off from civilization, located in the scorching 'banni' area with only a herd of 250 goats and a seasonal well, no industry, not even a carpenter or ironsmith for that matter, theirs is a resigned, peaceful existence by virtue of not knowing anything better. A huge contrast to the wretched existence of the urban poor, who see progress but are not part of it.


Scribblers Inc said...

the eccentricities of rural india...but as long as subsistence happens, I would rather not touch it any form, for I might end up corrupting a rather fragile part of societal evolution.

Scribblers Inc.

vatsal said...


salvation_seeker said...

Scribblers Inc is practially right but morally wrong.

Mihir jha said...


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Jerome said...

It's a very interesting piece of write-up. The accompanying photo speaks volumes. Please do more portrayal of such unique type of people.