Sunday, 28 June, 2009



It is with reluctance that I mention Michael Jackson on the blog. What with every channel of communication overflowing with his news for days on end and culminating with the grand memorial finale that screened out anything else happening worldwide, using this tiny space of mine in cyber world didn't feel worth it.

But then one thought over-riding all others prompted me to make an attempt at least. In a weird way watching all this hullabaloo about one man, especially at the memorial service tonight which made God out of him, made me feel avenged. Only a little and that too second hand, I agree. Everyone at some point has felt frustrated by one or more of the binding norms of society  and every rule we make puts us, we, who make those very rules in a subservient position. God, religion, laws, marriage, sexuality, money, education, morality and even humanity, the most abused of all concepts. To be human comes with a lot of baggage and limitations and it seems to me that to be considered human one must belittle oneself or be in awe of something, anything.

Michael Jackson with all his eccentricities broke free from so much, which is what made the funeral service so ironical. They admired the one person who broke so many rules, even the natural order of living and made God out of him! So ultimately your God was only as good as our human. I am happy about the MJ mania, it feels like a little point scored for individuals.

Rev Al Sharpton to Michael's kids at the memorial speech: "Your daddy isn't strange, it's strange what he had to put up with."

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