Tuesday, 24 February, 2009


It's been too serious a month. So I decided to meta morph into a cool, with it, hip (or is it hep?) and hop kid.

Like y'all know what Im sayin!

With the bright gladrags and converse shoes (except I don't have those yet) and playin' ball with da gang and movie watchin', substance abusin', broken guitar strummin' wanna get another piercin...? We debate whether 'Psyc' is cooler or Death Metal and miss the good ol' O.C days.

I even joined facebook! (curse you Gail) So I can like write on walls and type like every second of my existence,........................

"Nomad is currently twirling a lock of her hair and staring at the comp screen blissfully blank",

"Nomad did not succeed in making it another uneventful dry weekend",

"Nomad must really get off facebook now."

So I woke up late sped over to a friend's err...crib..., put on some Death Metal n had like maggie n coke for brunch. We flopped on da couch n flipped thru like Roadies n Splitsvilla. And err…. well that's about it really, I was really hoping this post was leading somewhere, but clearly it aint..

Anyway the real point of this post is a pretty cool thing that came on MTV called Tastekid.


You go to the site, type in a book/film/band you like in the search bar, and this animated chick called 'Emmy' helps you out by throwing up a plethora of related bands, authors or directors of the same genre. Plus they each come with little pop up windows of information or movie synopsis and clips. The webpage is kinda funky, search results useful and overall an easy site to navigate, which is the primary pre-requsite for any site I visit. Seriously, check it out y'all guys.


Andrei said...

Hi Nomad,

I'm the founder of TasteKid and I want to thank you for your coverage. I'm very curious on how exactly TasteKid was presented on MTV (MTV US or Europe, during which show, was it a positive review, was it mentioned by an artist, etc.). If you could provide me with a few words on this I would be grateful (if you don't want to reply here, you can use the contact form on TasteKid). Thanks!

Nomad said...

Tastekid was presented on MTV India. I think it was a show called 'Mtv Wassup' hosted by VJ Jose about all cool new things to try out, be it websites, merchandise or outdoor activities. Tastekid got a positive review, it was not mentioned by an artist. They presented it by airing screen shots of the website and how it functions.

anushil said...

this is so cool, and you say you can'y poet, call me mad but there's music in the first two paras. wish u'd lingered more.
as for the site it seems cool, will check next. thanks n happy writing, rolling,dancing!

Truth and Lies said...

Nice post. I've thought about turnin coll an hip too ya know. but I later realized that I just wasnt that kind of a guy ya know. You gettin my drift?

Nomad said...

Lol.. yeah I get the drift.