Tuesday, 13 January, 2009

Sunderbans 3: Pseudo Albino

Never smile, at a croc-o-dile, coz you can't get friendly with a croc-o-dile. Don't be taken in, by his welcome grin, he's imagining how well you'll fit inside his skin!
(Click on the pics for a better view)
Nah they aren't really white, the clayey soil they wallow in hardens swiftly into a whitish crust, making them look like grey logs on the banks. I had no idea that these saltwater crocs are bigger than Nile crocs, and can grow upto 22ft. We saw a 13ft monster ourselves, just lying there blinking lazily with that deadly smile and hypnotic eyes.


Aparna Bagwe said...

nice pix.. and a very interesting read :D .. am heading for the sunderbans myself next month.. ur blog made it come alive for me before then.

Nomad said...


Gail Afonso said...

wow... never thought i'd love seeing pics of crocs or in reality after seeing these pics.. love them all