Saturday, 10 January, 2009

Sunderbans 2: The Yellow City

You know you have entered Bengal when the scene from the train window changes from rolling vistas of fields or barren land to postcard sketches of ponds, fenced huts and stubby banana plants.

We got off at Howrah station around and at once I started humming

Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah they were all yellow

From the orange- yellow station lights to the city lights, to yellow taxi cabs and buildings yellowing with age; Calcutta is enveloped in a dusty brownish orange glow. This makes street photography a unique experience. In the next few pictures I have left the colours untouched, many were sheer photographic errors but I enjoyed the results nevertheless.

Street Food! Drool...drip...drool!

Idealism,communism,absurdism,egalitarianism,intuitionism,apocalypticism,spiritualism,hedonism, intellectualism,nihilism, pessimism,scientism, sensationalism,universalism and pretty much any other 'ism you can think of. This city flaunts it all

Calcutta is one of the most charming cities I have seen, full of character. Maybe it is the Victorian architecture, it's historical connotations, the vibrant culture, idealistic, excitable population, their laid back attitude or my deep rooted nomadic link to it. I am very bong bred, though not of bong blood.

As we drove through the city I hung my head out of the bus window like a happy puppy, soaking in all the glimpses, my favourite being the Angel of Victory that stands atop Victoria Memorial. With a bugle in her hand she is supposed to be a weather vane but in all the years I have seen her, the damn bugle faces the same direction. Victoria Memorial was one of my favourite haunts as a kid, followed by a walk across the road to the dancing musical fountains.

Being Christmas the city looked enchanting. Clean and sparkling with fairy lights everywhere. I could go on about Calcutta and write the longest blog post ever. So just visualize the old city with these hazy pics.

Howrah Station at 5 am.

Howrah Bridge


Scribblers Inc said...

you are in india?
or are you back to where you were? fat foto feature...looks good! :D
and besides, calcutta inspite of everything, doesnt fail to win me over everytime!

Scribblers Inc.

M. Umer Toor said...

oh i loved the photos of india. wow!

anushil said...

the first two here are just spectacular!! calcutta..

Ruru said...

ooh la la...
your impassioned writing and xanthography on my beautiful, dusty, noisy city (i could go on n on with the adverbs) really gave me a nostalgic high...
keep up the good work n keep lovin the city of joy... :)

Nomad said...

Thanks, and why is your blog so secret? None of us can view it?