Tuesday, 20 January, 2009

January 20th, 2009 - Pari

On days like this the world seems to be moving on 2 globes.

A large globe, frenzied, as Obama is crowned King, and a small, private one revolving anti-clockwise, like those physics experiments, causing a hideous backlash, spewing out a bloated, scarred face of a pretty, just-turned-20.

What is striking is the manifestations of both extreme emotions are the same. There are shrieks and screams and tears, at both places, one of joy, the other of anguish, followed by sudden pregnant silences, at both places, one in anticipation, other in resignation. Crowds have gathered at both places.

The thundering sound of the incinerator generator is replaced by the TV news thundering applause as the oath is taken. Both ring with resounding finality. While one globe moves forward hopefully, expecting a momentous change, the other one grinds to a halt due to a momentous change.


salvation_seeker said...

What are you referring to as the Small Globe. Is it "The World"

Its a touching post and also good choice of words..

Scribblers Inc said...

incredible...silent prayer for her and the world...

Scribblers Inc.