Thursday, 11 September, 2008

Collision Course

Wooo Hoooo......This has got to be the geekiest rap, it's too adorable to hate. Katie McAlpine, 23 is a Michigan State University graduate who made a rap video about the Big Bang Test Project. It has over 3 million views on Youtube and has approval from CERN for it's scientific accuracy. OR

The rest of this post, is PURE RAMBLE.... don't blame me, if the Big Bang theory was intriguing in it's ambiguity in 6th std, now it fairly makes my head Spiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn.

First there was nothing, then there was something, now we are trying to prove that something was created out of nothing and in doing so, we may go back to nothingness again. How can people not be more excited?

We have two options. Either we were created from a black void that exploded, or God made us.

Now caaamman... be honest, which one would you choose? The first one is way cooler no?

Scientists have built a $9 million Large Hadron Collider. You purposely smash stuff together, (sub atomic particles) to create a BIG BANG. (simulate the conditions during the origin of the universe, mass, matter etc.) Quite like when you were 5, or atleast when I was!

Discovering the origin of our existence, would lead to the answer to our existence. There would be no need for God-men and Holy books to interpret the meaning of life and create wars.

In 6th we learnt about the 'God Particle' the unknown factor in the creation of the universe. The Big Bang Theory states that, the universe started from a single point, and has been expanding ever since. Later Genius and I used to try going to that single point. We closed our eyes and with great intensity, backward tranced.

The medieval age, the first man, dinosaurs age, plants, micro organisms, universe, one star, gases……blank.

Ernest little kids that we were, those trances rendered us speechless later. There was sooo much we did not know, so much that would be left unnamed/unidentified/unknown.

What held the universe together?

Where did anti matter go?

Did this mean there were other dimensions?

Did this make time irrelevant?

What if this is not my only life?

What if time is an illusion?

Would we need this method of life?

Would the rules be the same?

WHAT IF I wake up to know I don’t need to go to school/college, I don’t need to associate with people the way I do, I don’t have to follow a social structure because life doesn’t have to be this way, the world doesn’t have to be this way, the universe is not this way?

What if, what we find out changes our way of thinking?

Would all this ruin all our studies in Psychology? Economics? Sociology? Politics?

Or would it liberate us from this trap of a world.

In the 11th Science suffocated me. Theories interested but practicals eluded me. Anti matter was cool, as long as Dan Brown wrote about it.

Now the theory is back with a bang and people are afraid it may spell doom.

Even if it does, would not that by itself prove something, besides what better way of dying than everyone together in one painless moment? No waiting for death, decay and disease.

No one left behind to mourn.

God will punish us for finding out what he knows by creating a black hole?

Yeah right, floods, earthquakes, nuclear weapons and terrorism were really getting boring.

Anyway I tumbled out of bed this morning and the world was still the same.


Scribblers Inc said...

If anyone gained it was news channels I would believe...what a bore! :P

Scribblers Inc.

Anil P said...

No one is quite sur if it is the big bang theory or the steady state theory.

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thats my first french comment everrrrr!!geee...thanks! :D

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P.S.-Did you stop writing or are you hibernating?

Scribblers Inc said...

this maybe off topic and a lil orkuttish but I couldnt help noticin. I had been going through the annals of my blog and discovered that you were the first person EVER to comment on my blog, in the time that you wrote as Vague Entity and I wrote about goldfishes and is a big thanks for stickin around so long!!!:)

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Sushma Sindhu said...

I went through ur blog. Some ineresting topics & gud writing style.Nice,I liked it.

well, here is mine.

raj said...

finally!!! someone else who actually thinks of these things!
thank you.

Scribblers Inc said...

most amazing song! checked it up on youtube! thanks for the ref...I hate the fact that I actually heard the hindi version...this is heavenly!:D

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