Sunday, 4 May, 2008

Delhi Hangover 1

Not having gone sightseeing as such, I could not capture Delhi in its many facets and charm, nor did I get to see all the monuments and famous landmarks.So I just went around my daily work clicking and in the next few posts are some of the pictures that have left lingering impressions of the city in my mind. Just click on the pics for the enlarged version. The endless line of humans snaking halfway to the entrance was intimidating and I almost chickened out, happy with a view from outside. Once inside though the perseverance pays off. It doesn't matter whether you are religious, an atheist or antagonistic. Places like the Lotus temple are not so much places of worship as of calm introspection and relaxation.
A court really is a hell hole, though an exciting one if it's your first visit. One tends to pick up quite a bit of colourful vocabulary from convicts.
R.K. Sharma after hearing his verdict on the Shivani Bhatnagar case.
The coolest cab of all!!!!!!!

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Kruttika said...

PULP FICTION! That car must make everyone's day.