Friday, 18 April, 2008

All in A Days Work

Emails exchanged on any given productive day at work.........(deprived of lunchtime)

  • Tee-Lo to Sha-Yo 2:51
hey ....wassupppppp!!!
  • Sha-Yo to Tee-Lo 2:52
  • Tee-Lo to Sha-Yo 2:55
save your smartness...u still haven't got work na loooooou!!!!
  • Sha-Yo to Tee-Lo 2:59
and u have????????? billie.Think of chicken subways.... full of chicken, tomatoes, sauces, potatoes etc. {Tee-Lo rushes out of her cubicle , across the busy office floor towards me. Looking serious she pokes me in the neck almost lethally and hisses,"word were not enough to respond" and rushes back.}
  • Tee-Lo to Sha-Yo 3:02
Dude, Richa's food just came, she came here, i can smell it.....
  • Tee-Lo to Sha-Yo 3:15

Tee –Lo does an embarrassing google check of my antecedents

I understand if we have formal presentations and seminars to attend. Otherwise, I would want to be dressed in something I am comfortable in. I think there shouldn't be any dress code. What is the point of dressing up if it hampers your productivity and workability?"

  • Sha-Yo to Tee-Lo 9:03

I find an even more embarrassing one of  hers online… Muhahaha

Kaching, kaching. Money does sing! As transactions we'd like to bring, Like sweet melodies at K'scope they ring. Kaching, kaching! Numbers and notes, Figures and quotes, They float through our heads, From As to Zs, Till they finally look, Into our little accounting books! Kaching, kaching. Money does sing!


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