Friday, 15 February, 2008

When Pune was Poona

1) When a Manipuri, Gujarati, Goan and North Indian could drive through the streets care free at 3a.m, blaring Zeest.
2) When it was not politically correct to say "Punekar" instead of "Puneite". 3) When you did not steer clear of everything pink, red, and of the opposite sex on 14th Feb. 4) When pubs, discs and restaurants operated PEACEFULLY throughout the night, instead of only till 11:00p.m. ( Which, by the way, have given rise to more raves, farmhouse and private, no taboo parties than before.) 5) When old people attending low key classical music concerts were not told to vacate the premises at 10:00p.m. 6) When we did not hesitate to show an ID card even if our name did not end with "kar" 7) When 6000 workers who call this place home did not stampede at the station for the next north bound train. 8) When your friends from U.P did not get called back home mid- term by parents. 9)When colleges did not get ransacked 10) When no one unduly worried that I was riding back alone at from the other side of town. 11) When anything orange did not mean potential violence 12) When knowing Marathi was not "safer"

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Tanya said...

That's really scary. What's going on??