Saturday, 24 November, 2007

Who’s that girl!!!???



Now Death/Thrash metal is not really my thing and NO Marilyn Manson is NOT thrash. He covers a range of genre from Hard Rock to Industrial and Glam. Nemesis is a track performed by Archenemy, a Swedish Death Metal band formed in 1996. Their lead vocalist Johan Liiva was replaced by Angela Gossow in 2001….. and phew … is she a replacement! We have a WOMAN here who could put Tom Araya and Dave Mustaine to shame when it comes to growling! Im not an Archenemy fan really she rules man !

Check it out!

The first one is Enemy Within and the second We Will Rise, her growls are killer! Better still hear the songs without the videos first, there is noway to say its a female vocalist. After you've seen the videos .. err...

Q -How freakish her orgasms must sound !!!?

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