Friday, 23 November, 2007

Belly and I

Belly walked into my life 28 days back. In 28 days she clawed and scratched away a permanent place in my jeans, sweaters, jackets, t shirts and life. A frightened weak little thing at first , it took me ten days to get to know her true colours. On the tenth day, knowing that the only threat i posed was withholding her food, she meta morphed into a fearless madcap and marked me as her private scratching post/ ball of wool/waitress/cushion/jungle gym and friend. Slowly she started following me around like a dog,answered to my whistles,greeted me when i came home, ate from my hand only and slept for hours in the most comfortable spot she could find.My belly. Although its been only 28 days, life with her became a routine of sorts. Mornings were given to sunning ourselves, with me reading the newspaper, and she interested in tearing it to bits.Afternoons before work, she was not content unless she nudged till i raised my arms and allowed her to cuddle near my chin. The best times were at the end of the day. Belly gave me an excuse to get out of the house late at night and sit in the cold silence, unwinding after mad hectic days. Id sit outdoors and be perfectly content to watch her sleep on my lap.Her tiny eyes, exquisitely shaped head, and pink nose, and let my mind wander in the stillness. And for once, i never had to worry about bumping into rats in the garden and garage. Over the years, realizing that my closest friends were the ones i enjoyed talking to the most, verbal finesse meant a great deal to me. I got to know Belly better than i know anyone else today.I could anticipate her every move, knew every inch of her , noticed every time she imitated a tigress and pretended to be cunning, every time she wanted to just play, sleep, be fed or pampered. She was at complete ease around me, never scared of any sudden moves i made, capering like a goat over my ankles, knees and even sitting on my shoulders.I shared the closest unspoken bond with her, one that i can never hope to share with any human. I lost her. I go over the sequence of things endless times seeing how i could have handled it better, been more careful, quicker. Thinking where she is now in the 7 degree cold, shivering, hungry, lost, wondering where my sweater and hands are? If i have one more chance, i wouldnt give a damn about correcting her bedraggled appearance, funny ears or dangerous claws. I wouldnt give a damn about anything but having the tiny bundle of fur near me right now. This may seem a strangely out of proportion reaction and I always wondered at crazed pet lovers myself. But then you have never had a kitten have you?


TS said...

No kittens. But I do know some girls who liked being called kitty. Ha ha! :)

spiky said...

hey...i know what its like, having been through a few gruesome experiences myself...and now u stupid woman gt me wondering if i could have been more careful..ok i dont know how to word the rest of this..but for all u no belly is having a cheer up..i know thats easier said than done..but its got to be done.

Vague Entity said...

@ts : LOL... yeah, been getting a lot of those cracks thrown at me ever since I had the cat! Maybe women should only keep dogs as pets. But then of what use are boyfriends! ;)(Before you get your back up, dogs are adorable.)

@Spiky: Ouch... sorry.
Hmm... belly blast!!! That is cheering. Thanks.