Friday, 31 August, 2007

Tryst With Destiny

A few school friends and i come up with topics to write on and email to each other, a nice way to keep a common interest and friendship spanning 3 corners of this country alive i think. This was the first..... Tryst with destiny, one cannot help but recall Jawaharlal's famous speech on the day India gained her Independence. "Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially" I have a problem with this. The very concept of making a tryst with destiny and leaving everything upto destiny is probably what kept us in servitude for 200 years in the first place.These words, impressive and inspiring at first, i wonder , if they are apt for the rebirth of a nation already plauged with blind belief, baseless faith and a sub tropical climate that induces laziness. The word destiny has become the crutch , for all those who endure, and do not attempt to cure! For me it conjures up images of apathy, resignation, and hopelessness, also of people's weird satisfaction at feeling that they are not able to do anything about that which is destined. It conjures up images of Ques, for railway tickets, ration shops, bureaucrat offices with heaps of unattended papers, court cases, where people say," kya jaldi hai? jo hona hai hoga." ( what is the hurry, what is to happen will happen) it reminds me of all the hopeless situations, farmers in Vidharba committing suicide because the rain is not destined? Pratibha Patil becoming the president because a good democracy is not destined?Or resrvations in every social system because merit is not destined? I do not say that we have made no progress at all, there have and hopefully will always be rebels, against what most people think is destiny, whether its Aryabhatta, Mangal Pandey, or Infosys and Ambani's. Destiny means a predetermind course of events, the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the universe. Look around at the events that changed the natural order of the world. Whether it was the French Revolution, the rocket to the moon or the telecommunication boom. Which just goes to show that destiny is as we make it,and not as it manifests itself into. A popular english song goes like this" que sera sera, whatever will be will be." Now while that may be soothing coming from a mother to her anxious adolescent daughter, it basically means , if she turns out to be a poor hag with a wife beating husband, so be it. Why not teach her to dream big instead and go for those dreams instead of being content with whatever life throws in her way? In the same way we can be a Nation that makes destiny and not waits for its tryst with it.


TS said...

I can't remember the last time someone quoted Nehru.

Vague Entity said...

Hmmm.. well, the line was catchy in a weird way.